Transcending Generation To A Brightly – Illuminated Future

A tale of family loyalty, business savvy, and above all, the value of traditional.

The year is 1962. Mr.Lee Wing Kang and his wife, both fresh-faced individuals full to the brim with spirited courage, mettle, and determination, take a bold step forward into the world of business. He with his knowledge and experience, and she with her steadfast nature enterprising spirit, together, formed a most formidable partnership. Everything about the business at that juncture spells success, point to the golden future. It was thus that the Lee’s Frozen Food Sdn Bhd of that first glittering generation was born.

Throughout the course of the next forty nine years, Lee’s would undertake a journey across valley and mountain, where trials and challenges would, ultimately, be overcome. The most prominent of these trials is that of an unfortunate, and certainly unforeseen, circumstance. The passing of Mr.Lee brought about the dawn of a period of stagnation. In that period time, it was left to the daughters of Mr. Lee, Doris and Chris to hold the fort and to preserve the empire that their parents had built by the sweat of their brows.

Today, the Lee’s name stands strong, having transcended two generations of family. The current torchbearers are the third generation of Lee’s folk: Gareth and Adeline Tan, the grandchildren of the founders, who, having ascended the administration circa 2000, have brought about an age of renewal for the company. In a well-timed shift into the future, an inevitable step for any serious business, the brother and sister team, drawing inspiration from the courage of their predecessors, in a show of “carpe diem” and set up strong holds in Vietnam and Cambodia. Success soon followed, and in its wake, the burning fire of a passion that seeks to bring Lee’s back to its former glory, closer to home in Malaysia.

The legacy of Lee’s frozen Food Sdn Bhd has endured through the decades; in retrospect, it is truly an inspirational tale, one depicts the vision of a family bound by spirit and tradition. The future is bright, wide-open with opportunities that spill forth from every path and venture they partake. From the days of the road less travelled to the burgeoning highway, for Lee’s the future begins today.