Chocolates – Selbourne

“Heart and engine of the chocolate and cocoa industry”

From the cocoa bean to the finest chocolate product. Being the distributor of Selbourne Chocolates that represent high quality cocoa products to serve the entire food industry nationwide. Lee’s offers rich variety of chocolates in block, chips, and coins form to enhance your food products.

Malaysia - Selbourne

Non-Diary Whipping Cream – Ever Whip

“Nothing better than”

A vegetable cream that guarantee excellent whipping performance. Introducing the Ever Whip cream that prove the superiority of Korean bakery and confectionery. Made in Korea by SIB that stands for “Sun-in for Baking”, expressing the infinite passion for Baking.

Korea - PREMIX

Butter Blend – Marville & Mother Choice

“Partner in Quality Margarine, Fats, & Oils”

Being the distributor of Sinar Meadow, Lee’s offers specialty margarine and fats that suit the needs of customer in food service industry such as food manufacturers, food ingredient manufacturers, restaurants, café, and others. Providing high quality margarine with smooth and fine texture for excellent baking as well as for spreading on bread and cake.

Indonesia - Marville & Mother Choice

Almond – Treehouse

“True Almond Goodness”

Supplying premium quality almond products originated from Treehouse, California to baking and confectionary industries.

California – Treehouse


In the past, Lee’s has been consistently offering high quality dried fruits to food service industries in Malaysia. This includes imported dried cranberries from Ocean Spray U.S., walnut halves from Chile, and sultana raisin from Iran.

Besides that, Lee’s also offers wide range of products that cater in baking to customers from a retail bakery store, chain bakery, bakery ingredient, ingredient store, and other related businesses. This includes locally made margarine sheet, cake emulsifier, tartlet shell, baking powder, jam, breadcrumb, local dips and sauce, coconut milk, and many more.

U.S. – Ocean Spray
GUD (House Brand)
Tropic Choice